Case Study - Overview

Web Engineering:
A Practitioners Approach
Roger Pressman, David Lowe

This website is a partial prototype of the fictional SafeHome Products application - a case study developed to support the book: Web Engineering: A Practitioners Approach, written by Roger Pressman and David Lowe.

The website prototype is only a partial implementation, and aims to illustrate the main components of the site and some of the design elements. On each of the prototype pages there is a link in the top right corner which, when clicked, provides some additional information regarding the design of that page.

Note: Where the real WebApp would contain a link, but in this prototype the link isn't implemented, it will be shown with a dotted underline.


Case Study - Bonus Information

The attachment is an example use case which shows the specification for video surveillance, which is (partly) implemented on this page of the prototype.


Dummy Link

This website is only a partial prototype of the fictional SafeHome Products application. As such this link is not yet operational. Non-operational links are shown with a dotted underline.


SafeHome Products
Security and Monitoring Systems for Home and Office

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Monitoring Services
On-line Surveillance

Select a layout:
and then select a camera from the layout


Plan: Home: Upper Floor (P3-HU)
Camera: Lounge room (C1-34)
Details: [resolution = 352x288; curent rate = 2 frames/sec]

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