SafeHome Products Security and M

Case Study - Overview

Web Engineering:
A Practitioners Approach
Roger Pressman, David Lowe

This website is a partial prototype of the fictional SafeHome Products application - a case study developed to support the book: Web Engineering: A Practitioners Approach, written by Roger Pressman and David Lowe.

The website prototype is only a partial implementation, and aims to illustrate the main components of the site and some of the design elements. On each of the prototype pages there is a link in the top right corner which, when clicked, provides some additional information regarding the design of that page.

Note: Where the real WebApp would contain a link, but in this prototype the link isn't implemented, it will be shown with a dotted underline.


Dummy Link

This website is only a partial prototype of the fictional SafeHome Products application. As such this link is not yet operational. Non-operational links are shown with a dotted underline.


SafeHome Products
Security and Monitoring Systems for Home and Office

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Case Study Overview




Bonus Information
WebApp Design IQ Checklist

The following WebApp Design IQ (Importance/Quality) checklist (derived from the sources discussed in this book) provides a set of key WebApp characteristics that need to be considered during design. By considering these items, both Web engineers and end-users can quickly assess overall WebApp quality, and then focus their attention on quality items that need further consideration:

For each quality item listed below, give a score to both I and Q. Those items that have an overall rating of 5 or higher potentially need further consideration. Those that have a rating of 10 or higher are areas of major concern.

I(mportance) rating: rate the importance of this characteristic for the WebApp
0 = minimal significance for this WebApp
5 = high significance for this WebApp

Q(uality) rating: rate the current quality level of the WebApp design or implementation
0 = minimal quality concerns for this WebApp
5 = substantial quality concerns for this WebApp




  Rating   Design Characteristic
x =   Global understandibility (appropriate metaphors etc.)
x =   Appropriate feedback and help features
x =   Interface intuitiveness (aka learnability)
x =   Structural navigability
x =   Navigation integrity (link correctness, completeness, etc.)
x =   Site overviews (maps, trails, breadcrumbs, etc.)
x =   User adaptation and customization
x =   Other:  
x =   Content completeness (scope and depth)
x =   Content correctness
x =   Content currency
x =   Content relevance
x =   Content accuracy and authoritativeness
x =   User perceptions of content
x =   Other:
x =   Functional accessibility
x =   Functional consistency
x =   Functional correctness
x =   Searching and indexing capabilities
x =   Exception handling and error recovery
x =   Other:
x =   Data Security
x =   User perception of security
x =   WebApp availability
x =   WebApp extensibility
x =   WebApp responsiveness and performance
x =   Other:
x =   Developmental
x =   Ease of correction
x =   Extensibility and adaptability
x =   Other: