Change Management
When you build a WebApp, change happens. And because it happens, you need to control it effectively. Software configuration management (SCM) is a software engineering activity that is also applicable to Web engineering. Content management help control change, but it also provides important support for managing complex content. Both topics are addressed on this page.
The following topic categories are presented:

SCM Resources

The SCM Process/Standards

Version Control

Tutorials, Articles and Papers on SCM

Content Management

SCM Tools


SCM Resources

CM Crossroads

Contains the most comprehensive listing of SCM resources on the net, including links to the CM yellow pages. Highly recommended.

CM Resource Guide On-Line

Presents an array of hundreds of CM resources including articles, books, journals and newsletters, vendors, tools, and standards. Recommended.

CM Yellow Pages

Listings of books, resources, tools, organizations, and many other useful bits of CM information. Over 1200 links. Recommended.

AccuRev SCM Resources

Listings of books, resources, Webinars, tools, organizations, and other useful CM information.

SCM Resources - 1

A collection of SCM resources.

SCM Resources - 2

A small collection of SCM resources.

Brad Appleton's Software Configuration Management Links

A excellent compendium of resources including hundreds to links to CM Resources, CM Projects, Groups, and Conferences, CM Guides and Tutorials, CM Research Papers and Experience Reports, Commercial CM Vendors, Free CM Tools, Free Tracking Tools. Recommended.

SEI SCM Resources

Pointers to SEI publications on SCM and a few outside resources.

The SCM Process/Standards

Change Control Procedure

A reasonably detailed description of the change control process.

Change Control Policies

Guidelines for implementation.

SCM Plan Template

A model template with explanation and examples.

Version Control

Version Control and SCM Resources

"An excellent resource for pointers to work on WWW versioning and configuration management, as well as hypertext versioning."

VC and the Single Developer

"How version control can make your life safer and more productive."

Version Control for WebApps

Indepth discussion of CVS version control for Web applications. Recommended.

Automated Version Control

An excerpt from Building the Business to Business Web by Deborah Bayles.

Modern Version Control Tools

An article that define tools characteristics and discusses representative tools.

Tutorials, Articles and Papers on SCM

Pointers to a number of articles on SCM.

SCM Papers

A collection of 13 downloadable SCM papers.

SCM for Project Managers

An indepth introduction to the subject.

Bibliography on Software Configuration Management

Contains 480+ print references.

Content Management

Content Management Resources

An extensive hotlist for content management. Recommended.


An e-zine dedicated to the subject.

Untangling Web Content Management

An indepth introduction to content management.

Executive Overview of Content Management

A quick look that introduces basic concepts and terminology.

Practitioner's Overview of Content Management

A quick look that introduces basic concepts and technology.

Description and Benefits of Content Management Systems (CMSs)

helps you to determine whether or not you need a content management system.

How to Evaluate a CMS

An indepth article with much useful information. Recommended.

Content Management Best Practices

A collection of articles that address content management for the enterprise.

State of Content Management Tools

Brief article concludes that they are "immature."

SCM Tools

SCM Tools

Extensive listings of free and commercial SCM tools. Also other SCM resources. Recommended.

Evaluation of PDM and Software CM Tools

Sources that contain information on the evaluation of CM tools.

The Media Doc Project

Describes research on a tool for new age generation of software engineering work products (SCIís). To quote from the site: Media Doc takes the place of conventional static documentation, by providing engineers with the information that they need in a form that is easy to understand. With Media Doc, even engineers that are new to a project can quickly find useful answers to their questions, speeding their evolution into project experts.


Lyon (Practical CM, Raven Publishing, 2003) has written a comprehensive guide for CM professional that includes pragmatic guidelines for implementing every aspect of a configuration management system (updated yearly). Hass (Configuration Management: Principles and Practice, Addison-Wesley, 2002) and Leon (A Guide to Software Configuration Management, Artech House, 2000) provides a useful survey of the subject. White and Clemm (Software Configuration Management Strategies and Rational ClearCase, Addison-Wesley, 2000)) presented SCM within the context of one of the more popular SCM tools.

Mikkelsen and Pherigo (Practical Software Configuration Management: The Latenight Developer's Handbook, Allyn & Bacon, 1997) and Compton and Callahan (Configuration Management for Software, VanNostrand-Reinhold, 1994) provide pragmatic tutorials on important SCM practices. Ben-Menachem (Software Configuration Management Guidebook, McGraw-Hill, 1994), and Ayer and Patrinnostro (Software Configuration Management, McGraw-Hill, 1992) present good overviews for those who need further introduction to the subject. Berlack (Software Configuration Management, Wiley, 1992) presents a useful survey of SCM concepts, emphasizing the importance of the repository and tools in the management of change. Babich (Software Configuration Management, Addison-Wesley, 1986) provides an abbreviated, yet effective, treatment of pragmatic issues in software configuration management. Arnold and Bohner (Software Change Impact Analysis, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1996) have edited an anthology that discusses how to analyze the impact of change within complex software-based systems.

Berczuk and Appleton (Software Configuration Management Patterns, Addison-Wesley, 2002) present a variety of useful patterns that assist in understanding SCM and implementing effective SCM systems. Brown, et al. (Anti-Patterns and Patterns in Software Configuration Management, Wiley, 1999) discuss the things not to do (anti-patterns) when implementing an SCM process and then consider their remedies.

Buckley (Implementing Configuration Management, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1993) considers configuration management approaches for all system elements—hardware, software, and firmware—with detailed discussions of major CM activities. Rawlings (SCM for Network Development Environments, McGraw-Hill, 1994) consider the impact of SCM for software development in a networked environment. Bays (Software Release Methodology, Pearson, 1999) presents a collection of best practices for all activities that occur after changes are made to an application.

As WebApps have become more dynamic, content management has become an essential topic for Web engineers. Books by Addey and his colleagues (Content Management Systems, Glasshaus, 2003), Boiko (Content Management Bible, Hungry Minds Publishing, 2002), Hackos (Content Management for Dynamic Web Delivery, Wiley, 2002), Nakano (Web Content Management, Addison-Wesley, 2001) present worthwhile treatments of the subject.