WebApp testing is a collection of related activities with a single goal: to uncover errors in WebApp content, function, usability, navigability, performance, capacity, and security. To accomplish this, a testing strategy that encompasses both reviews and executable testing is applied throughout the Web engineering process.
The following topic categories are considered here:

General Testing Resources

Testing/QA Articles and Papers

Navigation and Configuration Testing

Usability Testing

Security and Performance Testing

Testing Tools


General Testing Resources

Web QA and Testing Resources

A List of testing and security testing resources.

Software Testing - Web/eBusiness

Links and other information sources for testing of WebApps has been assembed by Software Testing and Quality Engineering.

Testing Articles

A collection compiled by StickyMinds.com.

Testing/QA Articles and Papers


Web Site Testing

An in-depth paper by Ed Miller that covers most important aspects of WebApp testing. Recommended.

Systematic Testing

This paper "describes some approaches, techniques and tools" which are required when testing WebApps.

Testing GUI Applications

An indepth paper that considers many testing methods that are is applicable to WebApps.

Automatic Testing of Dynamic Web Pages

"An overview of VeriWeb, a tool for automatically discovering and systematically exploring Web-site execution paths that can be followed by a user in a Web application."

Java-centric Testing

Articles on testing in a Java environment


The Website Quality Challenge

A paper by Edward Miller that addresses the "very special nature of the WWW and WebSites" and the "unique software testing challenges" that WebApps impose.

Quality Checklist

Is your WebApp "good?" This checklist will help you to find out.

Checklist for Intranet Web Page Quality

15 useful questions as well as commentary on other important webApp characteristics.

Evaluating Content Quality on the Web

This paper discusses mechanisms for evaluating the quality of content obtained from a WebApp. A quick checklist is also available to assess content quality.

What Makes a Great Website?

This article provides answers to this question.

Navigation and Configuration Testing

Navigation Testing

Navigation Testing

A brief overview of Navigation testing.

Testing the Navigation

Another brief overview of navigation testing.

Navigation and Information Architecture

A breif discussion of testing methods for IA.

Navigation Testing - Mozilla

Example of navigation tests conducted for Mozzilla.

Resource Path Testing

A detailed paper that presents "a systematic strategy and framework for system testing called resource path testing (RPT)."

Configuration Testing

Configuration Testing - 1

An outline that identifies all key objectives, tasks, preconditions, postconditions and workproducts for configuration testing.

Configuration Testing - 2

A commerical site that describes the basic elements of configuration testing.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

An indepth paper on usability testing.

Usability Testing Basics

A brief article that discusses basic usability testing concepts.

Conducting Usability Tests

An indepth discuss of UT including a delineation of UT steps and links to other resources.

Why User Testing Is Good

Discusses the benefits derived from UT and the process.

Methods and Tips for Usability Testing

Focuses on methods of observation as a user interacts with a WebApp.

Usability Testing - Case Study

Contains forms, original and redesigned UI, and more.

Usability Report

A report that oultines the result of usability testing. Aso contains pointers to the old WebApp and the WebApp UI that was redesigned as a consequence of the finding contained in the report.

Usability Testing of Advanced Web Concepts

"Work on [a] new [WebApp] design was based on a parallel design exercise where six very different Web site concepts were developed and tested with representative users. This page presents the results.

Security and Performance Testing

Security Testing

Security issues and testing

A comprehensive FAQ addressing all aspects of server-side and client-side security. Useful for both design and testing purposes.

Security Issues

Articles on security issues in a Java environment.

Security Testing Resources

A hotlist containing a number of useful security testing reosurces.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing Introduction

An indepth introduction to the subject. Recommended.

Performance Tools

Describes a suite of products that address performance testing. Also provides a useful overview of the technology.

Beyond Performance Testing

This paper, developed by Rational Corp., considers "what happens after initial test results are collected, the part it takes a human brain to accomplish."

Performance Testing Tips

This brief article provides useful guidelines for conducting and interpreting performance tests.

Testing Tools

Web Site Testing Tools - 1

"More than 250 tools listed in 12 categories."

Web Site Testing Tools - 2

A hotlist of dozens of WebApp testing tools across all major WebE testing categories.


The literature for WebApp testing is still evolving. Books by Ash (The Web Testing Companion, Wiley, 2003), Dustin and his colleagues (Quality Web Systems, Addison-Wesley, 2002), Nguyen (Testing Applications on the Web, Wiley, 2001) and Splaine and Jaskiel (The Web Testing Handbook, STQE Publishing, 2001) are among the most complete treatments of the subject published to date. Mosley (Client-Server Software Testing on the Desktop and the Web, Prentice-Hall, 1999) addresses both client-side and server-side testing issues.

Useful information of WebApp testing strategies and methods, as well as a worthwhile discussion of automated testing tools is presented by Stottlemeyer (Automated Web Testing Toolkit, Wiley, 2001). Graham and her colleagues (Software Test Automation, Addison-Wesley, 1999) present additional material on automated tools.

Nguyen and his colleagues (Testing Applications for the Web, second edition, Wiley, 2003) have developed a major update to (Testing Applications on the Web, Wiley, 2001) and provide unique guidance for testing mobile applications. Although Microsoft (Performance Testing Microsoft .NET Web Applications, Microsoft Press, 2002) focuses predominantly on its .NET environment, its comments on performance testing can be useful to anyone interested in the subject.

Splaine (Testing Web Security, Wiley, 2002), Klevinsky and his colleagues (Hack I.T.: Security through Penetration Testing, Addison-Wesley, 2002), Chirillo (Hack Attacks Revealed, second edition, Wiley, 2003) and Skoudis (Counter Hack, Prentice-Hall, 2001) provide much useful information for those who must design security tests.